"Belt and Road" pioneers Photovoltaic leading enterprise layout inventory
Created date: 2019/12/10
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At present, the main active areas of China's PV companies along the Belt and Road are: Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Israel and other 14 countries. Among them, investment, joint venture construction, mergers and acquisitions, and product output are most frequent in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and the UAE. Among the enterprises, Longji, Jingke, GCL, Jingao and Trina Solar are mainly distributed in the upstream and midstream production links of the industrial chain. Artes, Dongfang Risheng promotes power station construction, and Sunshine Energy develops The optical storage integration project is the main one.

Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network News: Recently, the Natural Resources Conservation Association released the “One Belt, One Road” Green Power Cooperation Development Roadmap (hereinafter referred to as “Road Map”), which states that “One Belt, One Road” has brought new benefits to Chinese PV companies. The market growth space and international layout have broken the previous reliance on the European, American and Japanese markets and the low-price competition. As China's PV industry is an important part of the “One Belt, One Road” capacity output, EnergyTrend, the new energy research center of Jibang Consulting, is the “One Belt, One Road” in the 64 major countries along the “Road Map”. The blueprint for the route, the statistical analysis of the development of the Belt and Road technology of Longji, Jingke Energy, Artes, Jingao, Dongfang Risheng, GCL, Tianhe Energy and Sunshine Energy to explore various The trend of “One Belt, One Road” for PV companies.

Among the statistics of 8 leading enterprises in the photovoltaic industry, Jinko Energy is the largest enterprise in the power station business. In 2017, it formed a consortium with Japan Marubeni Co., Ltd., which won the bid for the largest photovoltaic power station along the “Belt and Road” in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The installed capacity of the “Belt and Road” power station exceeds 1.35 GW, which is very eye-catching.

Trina Solar has expanded 39 of the 65 countries along the route, accounting for 60% of the “Belt and Road” region. It has established overseas production bases in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India, and its business volume in the countries along Turkey and India accounts for 16% to 20% of the local market. In addition, Jingao and Artes have undertaken photovoltaic business in at least 25 countries along the route. It is expected that the progress of the PV market in the “Belt and Road” will be further accelerated in the future.